Music in Europe. What is the European Agenda for Music?

The music in Europe. What is the European Agenda for Music?

Supporting Music in Europe. The Ambitious Project of the European Agenda for Music

Is supporting music in Europe important? Absolutely!

This is the story of how SEA and YOU was born.

In 2022, three associations dedicated to the traditional music of their respective countries came together and decided to create a unique music festival: SEA and YOU, the festival that will bring together Flamenco, Fado, and classic Neapolitan Song for three dates in three cities (and it will start very soon; click here to book tickets for the first date in Granada on November 11th).

Napulitanata, Ideal Fado, and CajaGranada, the three protagonists of this adventure, are associations that have been working for years to spread and preserve their traditional music. When they saw the call from the European Union, they said, “Let’s give it a try!” They found each other, talked, organized, and decided to join forces to create a festival that would emphasize love for music, solidarity, cooperation, and friendship.

In the concerts, which are completely FREE, artists from the three cities will perform together on stage, emphasizing the importance of friendship and cooperation.

Let’s see together how this extraordinary story came about and how important it is to support music in Europe.

European Values for Music. The European Agenda for Music

From the immortal notes of classic Neapolitan songs, the passion of Flamenco, and the lyricism of Portuguese Fado, the SEA and YOU festival was born, an event that will simultaneously focus on the traditional music of Naples, Porto, and Granada in three dates, each in one of the three cities.

Music in Europe represents an invaluable richness, and SEA and YOU is proof of that! Music can define the traditions of a people, their language, their history (we have talked here about the importance of traditional music in the world), and it is essential to understand that supporting music in Europe through the creation of a traditional music festival is a unique opportunity.

How important is it to create a festival of traditional music?

What is being done for cooperation among European countries?

The European Agenda for Music attempts to answer these questions!

What is the European Agenda for Music?

Article 3 of the Treaty on the European Union states, “it respects the wealth of its cultural and linguistic diversity and watches over the safeguarding and development of the European cultural heritage.”

In this sense, the great cultural wealth of Europe has given rise to an interest in concerts, festivals, and all those measures to support music in Europe based on the mobility of the artists involved, cooperation, the protection of art, artistic creation, and the distribution of cultural goods, both tangible and intangible.

The European Agenda for Music is the largest investment and support plan for music in Europe ever made. It is part of the broader Creative Europe project, a serious program that supports all creative actions in Europe. To implement these programs, various objectives and strategies have been defined, essential for their best implementation.

Giving Space to Music in Schools. Music Education in Europe

One of the major goals of the European Agenda for Music is to ensure access to music for all, regardless of physical, social, and religious characteristics.

To achieve this, there is a need for a major investment plan in music education in schools, involving the quality of teaching and teacher training.

There is a full awareness that music is a fundamental part of people’s lives, and this is the philosophy that Napulitanata, Ideal Fado, and CajaGranada try to promote these values every evening when they delight the many people who stop to listen to their concerts.

Diversity is Wealth

One of the set objectives is the dissemination of all cultural forms through dialogue among music professionals in Europe. To achieve this, it is clear that the card to be played is cooperation between states and private companies.

That is why it is so important to understand how the partnership between Napulitanata, CajaGranada, and Ideal Fado paves the way for all future live music events and all organizations that want to bring their music to Europe and the world.

The mobility of artists, their welcome, and unity in diversity are the primary goals of the SEA and YOU festival, a festival not only of music but also of friendship among peoples.

Book Your Date

Now it’s your turn! Visit the SEA and YOU website and choose your date.

The concerts are free until seats are filled.

November 11th in Granada, at the beautiful Cajagranada Theater.

February 17th in Porto, inside the Forum da Maia.

April 26th in Naples, at the stable innovation theater “Galleria Toledo.”

By Davide Lancia