The first SEA and YOU concert in Granada: discover what happened 

It could only be a success in Granada. 

With a spectacular program that thrilled the audience, the first SEA and YOU concert in Granada was a success from every perspective: human, musical, artistic, and entrepreneurial. 

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In the splendid Andalusia, the first SEA and YOU concert in Granada was a test for this all-European project. It aims to bring together Fado, Flamenco, and classic Neapolitan Song simultaneously on the same stage in three different dates in the cities of Porto, Granada, and Naples

All concerts are free until seats are filled. 

A festival that values cooperation, friendship, and sharing, it saw its first light a few days ago on the magnificent stage of the Isidoro Máiquez theater of CajaGranada Fundación. 

Cultural entrepreneurship is a serious matter, and SEA and YOU wants to prove it to all those associations unsure about the future. Always believe, because when you least expect it, the moment will come when you look back and say: I did it! 

What is Sea and You? 

A dream come true, a grand project. This is SEA and YOU, the traditional song festival in Europe. After the first Sea and You concert in Granada, it’s fair to ask: What is SEA and YOU, and why is it so important for musical events? Let’s try to explain it here. 

SEA and YOU is a festival born thanks to a European call. A project that aims to enhance Portuguese Fado, Spanish Flamenco, and classic Neapolitan Song, taking the three musical styles around Europe. As part of the broader Creative Europe project, which supports art, theater, cinema, and music initiatives, these wonderful projects were born. 

SEA and YOU is a meeting of three different cultures, three musical styles, three associations that have been preserving the roots of local music for years. Napulitanata, Ideal Fado, and CajaGranada are the three protagonists of Sea and You. Three concert halls waiting to be discovered, applauded by everyone during the first Sea and You concert in Granada. 

Cajagranada Fundación

Where can you listen to Flamenco in the region of Andalusia? Anywhere! Granada is full of Tablaos, but special mention goes to CajaGranada Fundación, a splendid cultural center that houses numerous initiatives, from sports to music. It’s a huge, imposing, and avant-garde structure born from the will of the General Savings Bank of Granada to create a unique place. 

A place that deserves much admiration, where you can breathe culture in every corner. The venue for the first SEA and YOU concert in Granada was an unforgettable theater, hosting not only Flamenco artists but also Portuguese artists from Ideal Clube de Fado and Italian artists from Napulitanata

Ideal Clube de Fado

Another protagonist of SEA and YOU is Ideal Fado. But what is it? We’ll explain it right away! 

Do you know Fado houses? They are truly extraordinary places where you can listen, authentically, to the long tradition of Fado. Ideal Clube de Fado is not exactly a Fado house, but something very special that dignifies Portuguese music. To understand the difference: Fado houses are also restaurants; Ideal Clube de Fado is a concert hall, and only traditional Fado is heard. 


The first and only concert hall of classic Neapolitan music in Naples. Strange but true! 

Napulitanata is the place in Naples to listen to the most famous Neapolitan songs. A hall in the city center, where hundreds of tourists listen to the sweet notes famous worldwide every week. It’s a special, intimate, and reserved place that creates the right atmosphere for sensitive hearts. 

A hall that strongly believes in the value of music, full of realized and ongoing projects. Napulitanata will be the third host of the festival, at the Galleria Toledo theater, on April 26th, 2024. 

Everything the audience didn’t see during the first SEA and YOU concert in Granada

It’s true that the first SEA and YOU concert in Granada was a public success, but there’s a whole world behind this festival that deserves to be told. 

One of SEA and YOU ‘s goals is to foster collaboration between the various participating associations. It’s essential that musicians are not just colleagues on stage but that there is esteem, respect, friendship, collaboration, and love for music. To achieve this, SEA and YOU suggests to the hosting artists to create an immersive experience for other colleagues coming from abroad. 

Taking them to the typical places of the city, letting them taste the true essence of the traditional song of the place, whether it’s Fado, Flamenco, or classic Neapolitan Song. To facilitate all this, the artists will create an itinerary on local music that ends with a workshop with local artists. 

SEA and YOU is not just a concert of traditional music; it’s a moment of strong musical sharing among artists. It’s a moment where Spanish musicians have already taught everything there is to know about Flamenco, Portuguese Fado artists will teach their noble art, and Neapolitan artists will teach the secrets of Neapolitan Song. 

The first SEA and YOU u concert in Granada is over, but we can’t wait to continue the tour and provide an unforgettable experience for the audience. 

Upcoming dates: In Porto on 17/02/2024; in Naples on 26/04/2024. 

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By Davide Lancia