The classical Neapolitan song in Europe thanks to SEA and YOU

The classical Neapolitan Song in Europe thanks to SEA and YOU

Napulitanata will bring the Neapolitan song to Europe. Find out how and when!

Soon the classical Neapolitan song will land in Europe, and we cannot wait!

But how… the classical Neapolitan song is not already all over the world since always? Does anyone really have to hear it for the first time?

Let’s try to understand.

Surely the Neapolitan song in Europe has always been at home. Everyone recognizes it, everyone sings it, everyone loves it.

There is no city, no place, where the Neapolitan song has not arrived with all its emotional charge.

BUT… let’s try to explain what will happen soon thanks to SEA and YOU, the festival of  traditional music in Europe.

A festival that will bring Neapolitan song to Europe

SEA and YOU, the Festival of traditional music in Europe, arrives and the Neapolitan song will be one of the three protagonists.

Together with Neapolitan music there will be the legendary Portuguese Fado and the passionate Spanish Flamenco, that will join in a truly unique show that aims to raise awareness of these magnificent sounds in Europe and foster cooperation between concert halls that believe in the power of music.

When they met NapulitanataIdeal Clube de Fado and CajaGranadaFundacion, had the idea of creating something unique, and they did it!

They had in mind to create a festival that would highlight the three musical traditions and make them play TOGETHER in the three cities of Naples, Porto and Granada in three unique dates, and thanks to the support of the European Union, all this will be possible.

An opportunity to reaffirm the values of union in art, cohesion, respect for others and love for music.

Napulitanata. The room that will exhibit the Neapolitan song in Europe

Classical Neapolitan song in Europe has always been loved and appreciated.

And how could it be otherwise! Who has never sung ‘O Sole mio or Funiculì Funiculà?

The classical Neapolitan song has carved out a special place in the heart of all the inhabitants not only of Europe but of the World.

From this love was born Napulitanata, the concert hall of classical Neapolitan song, which decided to channel all this love for the notes of Naples and create a room where every year thousands of tourists arrive to fleets, every week.

The goal was to create a place where you could listen, in a stable way, the classical Neapolitan song.

Now, the goal is to export this Neapolitan excellence, this concert hall, to Europe.

The festival that focuses on the real traditional song

But then, do you really need a festival that will expose the Neapolitan song in Europe?

This time YES. The reason is not only to live a wonderful concert in the beautiful cities of Porto and Granada, but to share the stage with Fado and Flamenco artists in the three stages, to foster cooperation between cultural operators scattered throughout Europe, encourage traditional music of all countries, the true cultural lymph of peoples, and help in creating live music concerts for those concert halls that with hard work and love, against all difficulties, believe in dreams.

This is an opportunity to reiterate that the Classical Neapolitan Song is more alive than ever, and together with Fado and Flamenco will fill the theaters of Granada on November 11th, Porto on February 17th and Naples on April 26th.

Now it’s your turn! Follow all the SEA and YOU updates and support one of the most important traditional music festivals.

By Davide Lancia