SEA and YOU’s Last Concert: Discover What Will Happen on April 26th in Naples

Prepare for SEA and YOU’s last concert in Naples, one of the most thrilling musical events in April.

It’s been an incredibly exciting year full of unforgettable moments for SEA and YOU.
A year brimming with music, fun, and happiness.
A year where musicians and artists from diverse cultures, music genres, sounds, and languages came together to create something unique.

Now we’ve reached SEA and YOU’s final concert, the European traditional music festival, taking place in Naples on April 26th.
Following the concerts in Granada and Porto, Naples is ready to welcome SEA and YOU ‘s last concert, featuring musicians of Fado, Flamenco, and classic Neapolitan songs.
This project, born as a dream to bring traditional music to Europe, has proven successful in every aspect.

It’s evidence of the desire for traditional music. The theaters filled with people eager to listen to Fado, Flamenco, and classic Neapolitan songs testify to that.

But it’s also an experiment for cultural associations willing to look beyond their horizons and explore new ventures (like creating a cultural enterprise in Naples. The Napulitanata model), by devising projects like SEA and YOU

What Have We Learned from SEA and YOU

As we approach SEA and YOU’s final concert, it’s essential to understand what we’ve learned from the first European traditional music festival.

What has SEA and YOU contributed to the world of music?

The world of traditional music festivals and music tourism has embraced a new way of making music thanks to SEA and YOU.
SEA and YOU isn’t just the first festival to unite Fado, Flamenco, and classic Neapolitan songs on the same stage, but also the European project that brought together three associations dedicated to traditional music in different European countries.
CajaGranada, Ideal Fado, and Napulitanata are the three protagonists of this traditional music festival culminating in its final concert in Naples.

There’s been a lot of passion and love for music, but also a lot of hard work.
Organizing a traditional music festival isn’t an everyday task.
Undoubtedly, there were challenging moments; bureaucracy didn’t always cooperate, and the distance between the three organizers was felt.

However, looking at the magnificent result, thanks to the perseverance of the three traditional music associations and the available European funds through the European Agenda for Music project, we can only say that tenacity and love for art always pay off if you believe in your dreams and projects and pursue your goals with seriousness and commitment.

SEA and YOU’s Final Concert in Naples. What Will Happen to Our Artists?

SEA and YOU’s schedule for April 25th and 26th is packed.
Everything is arranged to ensure SEA and YOU’s final concert in Naples runs smoothly.

Portuguese Fado artists and Spanish Flamenco artists will be engaged in a morning full of activities on April 25th, including a press conference and a lecture by Napulitanata with the musicologist and composer Pasquale Scialò (a renowned scholar and successful composer).

Napulitanata‘s Neapolitan artists will guide the city tour of Naples with a walking tour organized by the association Le Capere and Respiriamo Arte, followed by a tasting of traditional Neapolitan cuisine at Al 53, the most inclusive, slow food-oriented restaurant attentive to the TRUE Neapolitan tradition.

Just as the hosts in Porto and Granada did, now it’s Naples’ artists’ turn to provide a wonderful and welcoming experience to their colleagues, immersing them as much as possible in Neapolitan tradition and demonstrating how love for music goes beyond notes and mere performance.

This festival has been essential in understanding how a welcoming and sustainable approach to music tourism, and live music in general, is crucial today.

Colleagues and artists from various parts of the world becoming a single team. Unity is strength even from afar.
Welcoming each other in their own countries to show that we’re all one big family, showcasing each other’s cultural, culinary, and musical uniqueness.

SEA and YOU hasn’t just been a traditional music festival; it’s a case study on the values of friendship, hospitality, and the promotion of musical traditions.

By Davide Lancia