SEA and YOU arrives in Porto. The second stop of the European traditional music festival

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived! On February 17th, SEA and YOU comes to Porto. The European traditional music festival is hitting its second venue after Granada (click here to discover details about the first concert), and now the challenge is to replicate the great success of the initial performance. Spanish, Portuguese, and Neapolitan artists will share the stage, each playing their own music, demonstrating how unity, mutual respect, and brotherhood are indispensable values. This is the spirit that brought together the three associations Ideal Clube de Fado, CajaGranada, and Napulitanata across the Mediterranean corners of Porto, Granada, and Naples, and it is with this spirit that they will continue their adventure.

SEA and YOU continues its journey, this time in the land of Fado. There will be many opportunities for artists to meet, to get to know each other better, and to explore the music of the host nation (this time it’s the turn of Portuguese Fado), to learn about traditions, and to savor the places where Fado is heard (the famous Fado houses).

If you’re a tourist in Porto, or simply wondering what to do in Porto in the evening on February 17th, you have the chance to see SEA and YOU in Porto!
If you’re unsure about what to do in Porto on February 17th, we’ve got you covered. You can attend a unique event that will not only feature Fado but also Flamenco and Classical Neapolitan Song on the same stage.

To recap:

SEA and YOU in Porto
When? February 17th!
What time? At 9:30 PM

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What is SEA and YOU

SEA and YOU in Porto offers the opportunity to discover this wonderful project, courageously brought to fruition by Napulitanata, Ideal Clube de Fado, and CajaGranada. These three cultural associations, thanks to a European grant for music promotion, decided to come together and organize a traveling festival of traditional music.

But to understand why SEA and YOU is so important, we must understand why traditional music is so important!

Traditional music, in all countries, is a heritage to be preserved and safeguarded. Each country has its own musical culture, which partly reflects the soul of its people. An example? Let’s consider Spain, a multicultural land where Arab, Jewish, Christian, and Gypsy cultures have integrated. And let’s think about how the Spanish people are, so outgoing, expressive, and festive. All of this, and much more, is Flamenco, a blend of many diverse cultures channeled into Spanish passion in the form of music. And this can be seen for all types of traditional music worldwide (here’s a brief list of the most beautiful traditional music). SEA and YOU in Porto is an opportunity to reaffirm the importance of traditional music, the beauty of sharing projects with other associative realities focused on music and art, and how many more projects like this should be born!

What to expect in the second concert of SEA and YOU in Porto

The formula of SEA and YOU remains the same. Ideal Clube de Fado, Napulitanata, and CajaGranada will once again perform together on stage, each bringing their own music. It’s a unique opportunity to listen to traditional Mediterranean music in one stop, enveloped by the warm notes of Flamenco, the energy of Fado, and the delicacy of Classical Neapolitan Song.

Among the words used by Domenico Matania, one of the founders of the Festival and president of Napulitanata, to describe this project are magical and incredible. Jihan, a Flamenco artist from Granada, states that the most important thing about SEA and YOU is the respect that is created among all the artists involved and the admiration for the music of their companions and for the work behind it. If there’s one truly important thing in a project like SEA and YOU, it’s SHARING. Sharing the stage is never a trivial experience. It’s a ritual, almost magical, where I transfer my energy to you, you transfer yours to me, and together we communicate our love for music to the audience. This sharing is the value that founded the Festival, the value that brought the members of SEA and YOU to Porto.

We expect another great success after Granada, at the Forum Da Maia on February 17th!

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By Davide Lancia