Napulitanata is an association born in Naples in 2015 with the aim of enhancing traditional local music, especially the repertoire of the ‘Classical Neapolitan Song’. The team is entirely composed by experts or enthusiasts who have put themselves on the line with their skills for the realization of the projects of the Association.


The common vision of the group is the conception of an European Naples, not ignoring its history and inestimable culture. This goal can be realized through plans in accordance to a modern concept of a sustainable tourism. The phenomenon Canzone Napoletana is a strong identifying resource and a material and immaterial cultural heritage, able to generate value in the territory.


In 2017, the association inaugurated the ‘Napulitanata’ concert hall in the heart of Naples, where concerts of Neapolitan songs are held daily, offering the city and tourists a stable place where it is possible to listen to local music. Today, the hall has hosted about 40,000 visitors, becoming a cultural and tourist reference point for the city.

The opening of the hall represents an important case study at a national level also from the point of view of urban regeneration, as the project took place in an old abandoned municipal warehouse, which the association obtained for rent and renovated with own funds.

Furthermore, the musical ensemble of the association is committed to the diffusion of Neapolitan music even outside the regional and national borders with concerts, conferences and live performances, in the context of festivals, exhibitions and university lessons.

Among the founders of the project, there are Mimmo Matania, cultural manager and musicologist, and the pianist Pasquale Cirillo. The artistic cast is made up of professional musicians and singers who lend their respective skills to the realization of Napulitanata’s projects.