Musicalized Guided Tours in Naples. Le Capere Tour and Napulitanata for Quality Musical Tourism

Tired of the usual “hit and run” tourism model in Naples? Then read on.

For years, Napulitanata and the association Le Capere Tour have been organizing musicalized guided tours in Naples. A sustainable tourism project born out of love for the city of Naples, its places, and its sounds.
A delicate and gentle tourism that doesn’t follow algorithms and trends.
An intimate tourism that avoids the chaos of crowds during peak tourist seasons, instead spreading tourist flows throughout the year.

Two associations operating in tourism in Naples have decided to imprint their vision by organizing musicalized guided tours in Naples.

Le Capere Tour and Napulitanata operate in different spaces.
The former introduces tourists to the city of Naples, while the latter welcomes tourists to its venue in Naples to explore classical Neapolitan songs.

Musicalized guided tours in Naples are the moments when these two Neapolitan realities decide to come together, organizing tours of classical Neapolitan songs and unveiling the places and songs of Naples.

Sustainable Tourism in Naples

What if musicalized guided tours in Naples were a new type of sustainable tourism for the city?
As spring arrives in Naples, the city prepares for a season full of tourists. Over the years, tourism has been crucial for the city’s economy, but also a challenge to manage. The flows of cities like Naples, Venice, Florence, and Rome are not always easy to predict and control. Hence, some entities in Naples strive to create unique experiences.

The choice of musicalized guided tours in Naples is not coincidental. This immersive experience offers advantages over the “hit and run” model that has dominated Naples in recent years.

The approach of Napulitanata and Le Capere Tour is much more inclusive, intelligent, and sustainable.
This model focuses on creating new types of tourist experiences tailored for groups who want to discover more about the city of Naples. Smaller groups have the opportunity to savor the beauties of Naples with calm and care.

Visiting a church, spending time in a museum, and attending a classical Neapolitan song performance are activities that, if left unguided, might not be fully appreciated.

The new tourism in Naples must address these contradictions without losing its authenticity, love for its history, and pride. Quality tourism seeks to pamper visitors and immerse them in the places and sounds that have made Naples great.

Le Capere: Narrating Naples as if it were a secret

A name that evokes the past: LE CAPERE.
Today, a playful nickname indicating someone unable to keep secrets, it once held a specific meaning.

The “capere” were the ancient hairdressers of Naples. Professionals who went from house to house to serve their clients and listened to all their secrets.

From the most common woman to the noblest, the “capere” managed to level all social classes. Keepers of every truth, they were characterized by their inability to keep their clients’ secrets, entertaining them with stories they had heard just before.

And it is from this idea that the association Le Capere was born. Women who narrate Naples, unable to keep the secrets of a city that still speaks through its monuments.

Enogastronomic tours, guided tours to discover the most beautiful monuments, iconic streets, or the most suggestive places, Le Capere guides narrate the cultural nuances of Naples.

Musicalized guided tours in Naples are the meeting point between Le Capere and Napulitanata. Through the symbolic places of classical Neapolitan songs like the Port of Naples from which migrants departed (Santa Lucia Luntana) to the Monastery of Santa Chiara (Munasterio ‘e Santa Chiara).

Musicalized Guided Tours in Naples: The New Frontier of Musical Tourism

Musicalized guided tours in Naples are an excellent reason to explore musical tourism. With these tours, tourists experience a new way of visiting the city, accompanied by Le Capere Tour with the music of Napulitanata.

Organizing musicalized guided tours in Naples is both a burden and an honor for two associations investing in sustainable and intelligent tourism, introducing visitors not only to the places of Naples but also to Neapolitan songs.

It’s a moment to experience the city differently, at a slower pace, truly embracing what the soul of Naples has to offer.

SEA and YOU is delighted to pay tribute to this musical tourism reality and its musicalized guided tours in Naples, fully capturing the spirit of the European Traditional Music Festival created by Napulitanata, CajaGranada, and Ideal Fado. They support a different kind of tourism from the noisy and chaotic one we are accustomed to.

Both Napulitanata with its venue in the center of Naples and Le Capere, which welcomes intimate and small groups of people ready to explore the city while listening to its secrets, endorse the same type of tourism as SEA and YOU. From the beginning of their concerts, in Granada and Porto, they decided to offer their show in theaters, creating a more intimate and collected atmosphere.
They did so to allow everyone to experience this beautiful blend of Spanish, Portuguese, and Neapolitan music, thanks to the co-financing of the European Union.

By Davide Lancia