The traditional music festival in Europe

Here comes SEA and YOU, the traditional music festival in Europe

The love of music that unites, the local that acts global. This is SEA and YOU, the festival of musical tradition in Europe, which will take place in three different cities in southern Europe.

Three concerts, three cities, three protagonists of the musical tradition in Europe.

 Granada, Porto and Naples are the gems of this unique festival, which will unite the ancient traditions of fado, flamenco and classic Neapolitan song in the first cooperative festival on musical tradition in Europe.

Mark these dates: November, 11th in Granada, February, 17th in Porto and April, 26th in Naples.

Three dates where the traditional music of the three cities will play in an itinerant festival that has union and sharing as its foundations, and love of music as its goal.

You can hear flamenco in Naples, classical Neapolitan song in Porto, and traditional fado in Granada, in free events (subject to availability) in the theatres of the host cities.

The festival of traditional music in Europe between Granada, Porto and Naples

In the cities of Granada, Porto and Naples there are three wonderful realities. Three places where the musical tradition is preserved and shared with the public, without ever distorting it.

They are the CajaGranada Fundacion, home to countless cultural activities in Andalusia including flamenco, the Ideal Clube de Fado, where traditional fado is played more vividly than ever, and Napulitanata, the only concert hall of classical Neapolitan song in Naples.

Realities that have decided to link up with the artistic musical expressions of their city and territory, and that share a love for musical tradition.

The result is a unique festival on musical tradition in Europe, where three musical realities from different territories share the same spirit of unity and passion for music, where the Mediterranean wind blows from Naples to the Atlantic Ocean in Porto.

Why a traditional music festival in Europe?

“What is Europe?” Carmelo Bene used to ask himself. The Old Continent is such a heterogeneous territory that it is hard to imagine that a European identity could be born.

 Yet so many steps have been taken to make all citizens of nations say with pride: “I am also a European citizen.”

Those values expressed in Article 2 of the Treaty on European Union enshrine the foundations of SEA and YOU. Union, sharing, the importance of equality and respect in diversity.

There are as many musical traditions in Europe as there are peoples. Every city has its history, every story its background song.

Like Naples has the classic Neapolitan song, Dublin has its Irish ballads, like Porto has its fado, Finland has the Kansanmusiikki, like Granada has the flamenco, Athens has the laïkó.

Because of all this musical wealth, in 2022 the European Union decided to launch a call for proposals. CREA-CULT 2022, a call aimed at European cultural realities within the ambitious Creative Europe programme. A programme aimed at the protection and preservation of European cultural traditions, which has cooperation between peoples as its essential point.

This is how SEA and YOU (Sound ExchAnges and YOU), the festival of musical tradition in Europe, was born.

A nomadic festival, born out of the collaboration between Napulitanata, CajaGranada and Ideal Fado, who have jointly written a truly ambitious project, which has required a lot of work and will see the light this autumn for the first time, on November, 11th in Granada.

Are you ready to discover the stages of the festival? Then don’t miss all the updates on SEA and YOU!

By Davide Lancia