SEA and YOU – Sound ExchAnges and YOU is a traveling music festival that promotes intercultural dialogue by encouraging the transnational mobility of artists using digital technologies to increase audience access and improve their experience avoiding useless physical trips.

This Festival aims to be a tool for the cultural rapprochement of Mediterranean and European people to highlight the richness of the different forms of traditional music having a common cultural heritage. The partners are associations enhancing the traditional music of their regions.

A program of 3 concerts will be organized by the 3 partners in their cities where the artists will be hosted in a cross system way and where also other artists will be invited.


The artists will interact musically, exchanging musical traditions and original compositions. They will be hosted by local guesthouses and will participate in visits organized by local guides to know their most authentic side. 

The concerts, free of charge, will be accompanied by explanations of the historical contexts and screening videos with the translated lyrics to allow the local public to understand. They will be available in streaming and relaunched on the partners’ and artists’ social networks to reach the widest possible audience.

Disabled- friendly facilities will be chosen and special assistance will be put in place. In the final live performance in Naples a cd will be recorded as witness of this fascinating music journey in the Euro-Mediterranean soul.