CajaGranada Foundation has more than 130 years of history and an intense social vocation in Granada, Jaén, and Almería among other provinces in Andalusia (Spain). Its actions encompass aspects such as the promotion of culture, sports and education along with the protection of the environment and the promotion of inclusion in all its forms. Today, CajaGranada Fundación is one of the main social and cultural agents in Andalusia, where it offers spaces for the development of citizens.

In Granada, the CajaGranada Cultural Center (headquarters of the Foundation) has become, since its inauguration, one of the major cultural centres of the city, since it brings together a wide variety of facilities: a theatre, a museum dedicated to the memory of Andalusia, a media library, exhibition halls and workshop rooms; all the above combined with monumental open spaces that stand out for their adaptability and avant-garde architecture.

Designed by the National Architecture Prize winner Alberto Campo Baeza, the building is conceived as a large horizontal box of exposed concrete, with a surface area of 12,984 square meters and a floor plan of 114 x 54 meters.

In its impressive Screen Building -with a base of 54 meters and a height of 42 meters- is located the Puerta de la Cultura, which is the main access to the Cultural Center CajaGranada. The centre is designed around an impressive Elliptical Courtyard -through which two walkways are intertwined- which has a diameter of 30 meters. These measures are similar to those of the courtyard of the Palace of Charles V at the Palaces of the Alhambra and Generalife, to which it pays aesthetic homage.

The CajaGranada Cultural Center’s program of activities is an open mosaic that supports the active participation of the public. To help achieve this goal, the multifunctional design of its facilities allows the organization of all kinds of events in a wide variety of formats, making it possible to reach out and connect with people.