A Life of Passion: Singers of Neapolitan Songs in Naples. Pasquale Pirolli’s Love Choice

There is a shortage of Neapolitan song singers in Naples.

It seems absurd, but it is the sad reality. There aren’t many Neapolitan song singers in Naples. Many have taken other paths. Some have ventured into new styles, while others embrace different musical philosophies.

The reason for this distancing is that the places where Neapolitan song singers in Naples can discover classic Neapolitan Songs have been lost.

There is only one place in Naples where classic Neapolitan song thrives more gloriously than ever.

It is a concert hall born under the Principe Gallery of Naples.

Napulitanata is the place that Naples needed to rediscover the Neapolitan Song for Neapolitans and non-Neapolitans alike.

Frequented by tens of thousands of tourists every year, Napulitanata draws its strength from never succumbing to any clichés to sell more concerts.

Never a banal concert, never a discount sale. Napulitanata remains pure, unshakable, determined.

A point of pride for the city of Naples, which has demonstrated how to conduct cultural enterprise in Naples in a healthy, intelligent, and sustainable manner, with musicians and singers in love with Naples and classic Neapolitan song.

The splendid accordion chords of Domenico Matania, the sweetness of the piano keys of Mr. Pasquale Cirillo, the enveloping sounds of Giuseppe Arena‘s double bass, the wonderful voices of Emanuela De Rosa, Pasquale Pirolli, and Manuela Renno, and the talent on trumpet and saxophone by Antonio Sacco and Donata Greco are the elements of Napulitanata that determine its success. All great professionals, all who have chosen the path of music.

To make this choice, it takes love and courage, and whose story to tell if not that of Pasquale Pirolli to tell you about this love?
He, who chose music not for profession but for passion?

Neapolitan Song Singers in Naples. The Case of Pasquale Pirolli

It is often said, “take art and put it aside.” Singer Pasquale Pirolli didn’t think to do that. Among the most beautiful voices of Neapolitan song in Naples, Pasquale Pirolli enchants lovers of classical Neapolitan song worldwide, both at Napulitanata and in Europe at concerts in Granada and Porto with SEA and YOU. His artistic path is not canonical. By day, Pasquale performs a responsible office job, and in the evening, he enchants lovers of Neapolitan song with his crystalline voice.

His is a choice of love among the most beautiful that one can encounter. It’s not for fame, not for money, not for pride. It’s because Mr. Pasquale Pirolli cannot live without classic Neapolitan song.

A life of sacrifice and commitment, where in the evening, you leave your office, tired after a day of work, and don the clothes of a Neapolitan song singer in Naples.

Pasquale Pirolli’s choice is unique in its kind. It is the choice of those who decide to invest in Neapolitan song, the true, the authentic one. That of the great composers who made the whole world fall in love with Neapolitan Song.

What is classic Neapolitan song and why should it be protected?

Classic Neapolitan song is the pride of Naples.

In the world, there is nothing quite like classic Neapolitan song. It is the song of an entire city. It is not the song of a nation, nor is it the expression of the culture of a community.
It is the song of the city of Naples, its inhabitants, and its culture.

Classic Neapolitan song is not as old as one might think.

Born in the 19th century in Naples, characterized by melodies rich in passion and lyrics that explore aspects of daily life, love, and nostalgia. Its history is rooted in the popular traditions of the city, with influences from various Mediterranean cultures. But it was only in the 1800s with great authors and poets like Salvatore di Giacomo, Raffaele Sacco, Libero Bovio, and Ferdinando Russo that classic Neapolitan song was born as we know it today. And it is with renowned Neapolitan song singers in Naples like Roberto Murolo, Sergio Bruni, and Renato Carosone that its diffusion becomes international.

Classic Neapolitan song, and the Neapolitan song singers in Naples, are a heritage to preserve and invest in. But what is being done to protect this great asset?
And what is being done to spread Neapolitan song worldwide? With the era of Caruso, Carosone, and other great Neapolitan song singers over, the only reality that values and spreads classic Neapolitan Song in Europe is Napulitanata.

The only reality that, today, is spreading Neapolitan song in Europe with SEA and YOU.

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By Davide Lancia